10+ Dangerous Food Combinations To Avoid

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Food is the most important basic need in life. We derive energy to tackle everyday activities from the food we consume. We also depend on food to build our bodies and make sure we are growing as expected. If you are serious about your health and wellbeing, you would agree with me that making a sound choice on what you eat is very vital.

We, however, have the freedom to eat any food as long as it benefits us health-wise. We also know that eating junk or processed foods frequently can pose certain health risks to us. What we probably don’t know is that some food combinations are dangerous to our health. This may sound weird, especially if you have not experienced any problems with the foods you currently eat, but chances are, you have experienced the effects of wrong food combinations unknowingly.

Each food you consume calls for a distinct digestion and absorption process. Therefore, some food combinations may have incompatible digestive processes and when consumed, will cause health problems such as stomach ache, bloating, bowel movement problems, nausea, and fatigue. Below is a list of food combinations with these conditions and that you should avoid in your meals:

1. Bananas and milk

If you are used to taking a banana and milk at a go, there is a reason to be worried. First, both of these foods have sugar, and consuming them can cause an abrupt insulin spike. Secondly, this combination may produce toxins in the form of a heavy mucous substance due to the banana’s sour nature as it awaits digestion.

2. Orange and milk

Similarly, if the acid in orange interacts with milk, it can form the mucous substance which is toxic to the body.

3. Orange and carrots

This is a high acidic combination that is likely to cause heartburn and bile reflux when consumed. This combination has also been related to abrupt renal problems.

4. Bread and jam

It is common sense that the body requires only a small amount of sugar. Bread is a carb and adding refined sugar in a jam can cause a spike in blood sugar. If you frequently take this combination, you are likely to experience unacceptable weight gain since the excess sugars are stored in the body as fat.

5. Fruit Juice and cereals

The acids in fruit juices inhibit the activity of the enzymes responsible for carbohydrate digestion. Although this is a popular breakfast meal, you should not take them at a go.

6. Fruits and vegetable

If you take this combination at a go, you are likely to suffer from stomach heaviness. This is because fruits are digested faster than vegetables and hence the veggies sit in the stomach for long awaiting their turn to be digested.

7. Cucumbers and tomatoes

This combination releases acid in the stomach when it starts fermenting. The acid has been connected to various digestive problems.

8. Alcohol and energy drinks

The high amount of sugar and caffeine in energy drinks, when mixed with alcohol, can cause serious cardiac problems. This combination has been seen to cause problems such as high blood pressure, increased heart rate, and sluggish cardiac blood vessels.

9. Cheese and meat

This is a very high protein content combination that the body finds hard to digest. When food sits for a long time without digestion, it causes discomfort to the gastrointestinal tract.

10. Cheese and beans

Similarly, this is a high protein combination that can cause digestive problems such as bloating.

11. Yogurt and fruits

Yogurt contains bacteria that are capable of reacting with sugars present in fruits to produce harmful toxins. This sugar-protein combination can also lead to digestion and allergic problems. So if you are used to infusing your yogurt with fruits, there is cause for alarm.

12. Burgers and cheese

It is not advisable to take starch and proteins in a single meal. The burger-cheese combination is a popular snack that can surprisingly lead to health problems. Since their digestive enzymes ptyalin for starch and pepsin for proteins are acidic and basic, respectively, they neutralize each other on production. The neutral condition of the stomach can support the growth of harmful bacteria.

The bottom line.

If you are health conscious and looking to live a healthy life, you better avoid the food combinations in this list. From the list, you can see that even foods that seem to be very beneficial can pose significant risks to your body. Therefore, we can conclude that it is not just about taking healthy food but also about how you combine them in a single meal!


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