6 Food Habits That Help Japanese Women Stay Slim & Healthy

Japanese women rank well among the most beautiful and elegant ladies on the planet. They also seem not to get old. You can meet a Japanese woman looking like a teenager while in her 30s. Indeed, they have one of the world’s highest life expectancy rates of 87 years.

So, what is the secret behind this? The Japanese diet – yes – the Japanese diet and lifestyle. The Japanese diet has everything you need to remain healthy, beautiful, and, most importantly, maintain perfect weight.

If you want to be like the Japanese women, you don’t have to make your menu all-Japanese. Eat more fish, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Make sure to add some rice, tea, and fermented foods. With that said, here are the food habits that help Japanese women to stay slim & healthy.

1. Rich and Balanced Diet

6 Food Habits That Help Japanese Women Stay Slim

We tend to assume that Japanese only eat Sushi. NO, that is a misconception; the Japanese diet is very diverse. They eat nutritious foods in every meal and do not enjoy junk and high-calorie foods as we do.

The Japanese diet will include animal and veggie proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. Mostly, they eat fish, rice, seaweeds, green tea, soy, vegetables, and fresh fruits.

To Japanese people, freshness and season relevance are very crucial; they usually eat what ripens at the time. Every season comes with its own meal. During the summer, they will go for cold ramen, seafood, cold soups, and salad, while in winter, Japanese women eat fish and meat paired with hot soup and other drinks.

2. Cooking methods

Japanese traditional cooking methods are key to their slimness. The cooking methods range from steaming, grilling, stewing, to frying in unique pans having minimal oil. One excellent benefit of these methods is retaining the nutrients. Foods also cook faster.

They are extremely careful with spices, which makes their dishes light but highly nutritious. Besides, Japanese cuisine elevates the food’s natural color and flavor.

3. Eating Culture

In Japan, eating is more like a ritual than a feast. If you have been to Japan, the chances are that you have for once noticed the small-sized plates. It merely translates to “you can’t overheat” because no plate is full to brim.

Japanese eat small pieces very slowly, and there is no mixing of different dishes on the same plate. They are keen to retain the natural taste and appearance of foods; therefore, spicing food to decorate is rare.

4. Rice is their primary source of carbohydrate

A very common question, “how do Japanese eat rice and stay slim?” Japanese women have rice as their primary source of carbohydrates. Unlike western people who primarily source carbohydrates from bread and other flour products, Japanese women eat rice and bread may never be seen in their diets.

They cook rice without salt or butter; one of the excellent food habits that helps keep their figures slim.

5. Breakfast is their main meal of the day

If you want to stay slim, breakfast like a king. In other countries, skipping breakfast translates to nothing. But in Japan, breakfast is the most substantial meal that no Japanese can afford to overlook. As their primary meal of the day, breakfast will be complete with several diverse dishes like fish, eggs, rice, green tea, seaweed, miso soup, and a soy dish with greens. With such a balanced diet in the morning, they have enough energy to spend the days.

6. They barely eat desserts or sweets

Japanese people are accustomed to eating healthy foods, and on rare occasions do they eat desserts. If they do, then it is a small portion. They have totally different expectations of sweets. Surprisingly, most of their desserts are made from healthy ingredients like rice; for instance, mochi.

Generally, their desserts and sweets are low sugar, low fat, and perhaps not to the western tastes.


If you have been looking for the trick to stay slim without exercise or a strict diet, now you know the route to your dream body size. Simply, eat like ancestors. Japanese people eat foods of the season, and barely do they have packaged and canned foods. Eat fresh ingredients, no intricate cooking methods, and you will attain your perfect body size and shape.

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