7 Exercises for a Flat Belly That You Can Do on a Chair

Many people will confess they are over conscious about their waistline. Even though office work feels comfortable alongside many other benefits, it may accumulate unwanted fats around your waist.

Besides belly fat, giving your unpleasant looks, it can harm your health. Studies show that belly fat exposes you to risks of getting cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases, among other chronic infections.

Do you have a busy schedule that does not allow you to go and crush calories in the gym? Do not worry. Fortunately, there are several exercises that you can do from your office chair and successfully achieve your belly flattening goals.

We all hate obesity, plus the flat belly is healthy and sexy, something that everyone craves. Here are some exercises that will keep you active from your desk and, most importantly, flatten your belly.

1. Double knee lifting with body side bends

If you crave to shape your waist, make sure to do this exercise. It helps burn the unwanted fats from your belly sides.

Sit down, keep you back straight, and grasp the chair arms with both hands. Bend your body to the side such that you are seated on one glute. While keeping back straight and legs together, lift your knees to the chest. Return to a neutral position. Bend to the other side and repeat the lifting for 20 times.

2. Lifting the Body above the chair

Get gym-results from your office desk. Lifting your body above the chair is a toning exercise that burns calories faster and leaves shoulder, belly, and back muscles better. When doing this exercise, make sure not to use a rolling chair.

Sit down and grasp the chair harms with both hands. Lift your body above the chair to hang in the space. Suck in your belly and use abdominal muscles to lift knees to chests. Stay above the chair for about 20 seconds and slowly return to a neutral position. While taking short breaks between each workout, repeat the exercise four times.

3. Bending

Like double knee lifting with body side bends, bending also helps burn unwanted fats on the belly sides, and hips. This is all you need to keep your belly flat.

Spread out your legs and keep them flat on the floor. Raise your arms to the same level with shoulders. Turn your upper body to the left and bend to reach your right foot with the left hand. While keeping your right hands flying, stay in position for about 10-20 seconds, then return to the neutral position. Now bend and reach your left foot with the right hand. While alternating sides, repeat for 20 times.

4. Double Knee Lifting

This is it. Double knee lifting stimulates all your belly muscles at the same time, burning a substantial amount of calories. It is simple but highly effective for belly flattening.

While seated, keep your legs together and make sure your back is straight without touching the back of your chair. Firmly hold the chair sides with both hands. Without changing your back’s positions, lift your knees at the same time and pull them to the chest. Lower your feet down, but make sure not to touch the floor. For excellent results, repeat 10-20 times.

5. Oblique muscles strengthening

Though you won’t do this right from your chair, you will need it to lean. This is a great exercise that primarily targets your glutes but burns a significant amount of calories.

While standing by the side of your chair, lean on its arm with one hand and lift the other above head. Move your hand down slowly as you lift your corresponding leg (right hand with right leg) such that your hand touches the heel of your foot. Return to a neutral position and repeat ten times. Alternate the hand and leg. Do the same for ten times. For better results, you can perform four series on both sides.

6. Knee-to-Chest lift

This is a simple exercise yet potent enough for a flat belly. It improves digestion while strengthening abdominal muscles and burning calories. All you need is to push your chair some inches from your desk and yet started.

Sit down and keep your feet slightly spread on the floor while your back remains straight without touching the back of the chair. Keeping your back straight, lift one of your knees and pull it to the chest. Make sure to suck in your belly. Experts recommend you put your hands on the lower part of the leg for the ultimate stretching of abdominal muscles. Repeat the procedure with your other leg. While alternating your knees, repeat for 30 times.

7. Knee-to-elbow lift

The last in the list but it’s an excellent exercise for a flat belly. It works out your lower abdominal and oblique muscles.

Sit on your chair and keep your back straight. Lift the right knee and bend your left elbow so that they meet. Your upper body will turn slightly. Return to the neutral position and repeat the exercise 15 times. Change knee and elbow and repeat 15 times. You can make four series for each knee and elbow for ultimate results.


You don’t necessarily need a gym to get your perfect body shape. Perform the above set of exercises right from your desk to have a flat belly.

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